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We recommend your products on our marketplace to consumers with health issues that are actually relevant to your product, and we pay them your customer acquisition cost every time they purchase.

The result?

Precise targeting, unparalleled CVR, and access to deeper consumer health insights than ever before.

The Problem

It’s too expensive and ineffective to acquire customers online.

Limited Targeting

Try selling a home lab test for diabetics on Instagram by targeting users based on these highly limited “health-related” options.

Paying per impression

When your ads are seen by thousands of people who like yoga / running but aren’t diabetic, you’re still charged per ad view (blue circle).

Exorbitant CACs

You were never set up for success. Yet, Facebook still benefits off of your high CAC; they reap 100% of ad revenue.​

Our Solution

Welcome to healthcare's new front door.

Sign up and target

DTC health brands choose which  products to sponsor on our marketplace, and decide which audiences to target based on a variety of health and demographic info.

Benefit: you pay us $0 to sign up & target ads.

Choose your acquisition cost

Set your desired customer acquisition cost. Remember, your CAC is cash back to your customer, and your company will only be charged if a consumer buys a product.



Benefit: never pay per impression again.

Reach engaged users

Our users sign up for free, fill out a brief health survey, and are recommended solutions based on their unique health data. They are also able to request for a board-certified doctor to privately review any products they’re interested in buying.

Benefit: our signed-up users are high-intent and are guided to the right solution.

Pay customers when they shop

If our user purchases your product, ~80% of your CAC is paid to the them. At Frontdoor Health, our users have the power to profit off of their own data to make their healthcare more affordable. 



Benefit: the lowest barrier to try your brand.

Gain valuable insights

Your company gains access to a first-of-its-kind health insights dashboard that provides deeper insights into your audience’s health backgrounds (i.e., health history, health products they’ve also purchased, purchase rationale, and more).

Benefit: no more flying blindly.

How this helps you

Know the full health story of your audience.

We offer the world’s first dashboard that synthesizes how people’s health history, health interests, and preferences affect their click / buying behavior.

Our dashboards synthesize five distinct types of data…

Health information
Including health interests and health history

Product usage
Including Rx treatment they take, home devices they use, etc.

Click & buy behavior
Tracked for every product / ad served to your audience

Purchase rationale
 We survey users after each curation to understand why they did or did not buy your product

Doctor reviews
Know whether consumers requested a doctor review and gain access to those reviews

So you can finally answer those most pressing questions…

Evaluate how health issues impact likelihood to buy

Discover other health products your audience already uses

Compare CVR with other similar companies in aggregate

Understand why people who clicked your ad didn’t purchase

See how Dr.s review your product, and if it impacts buying behavior

Frequently Asked Questions

Very easy! Fill out your information below and we’ll reach out with next steps. In short, to get started, your company will copy a few lines of code into your checkout page (similar to Facebook Pixel) in order to allow us to track when a transaction has occurred on your site (and, thus, signaling when we need to pay which specific customer their owed cash back).

To be precise…

  1.  Every week we curate one product to our user and/or they shop directly on our marketplace. They know the cash back they’ll earn if they purchase (reminder: you set and can change the amount of cash back the user receives).
  2.  The user clicks the link and goes to your website (they must complete a transaction in that same session on your website, or use that same unique link later to make their purchase).
  3.  If they do, then they paid full price on your website, and you pay Frontdoor Health through our affiliate marketing agency the cash back (which you set).
  4. On the last day of every month we pay our users the total cash back they’ve earned that month across purchases of multiple products (deposited securely directly into their bank account, and we cover any transaction fees).

Today, we take 20% of your CAC (and provide the other 80% to your customer as cash back). In the future, we’ll charge a quarterly fee to gain access to our health analytics dashboard, which offers the world’s first dataset connecting health information to consumer behavior. If you sign-up now, though, you’ll have free unlimited access to the dashboard!

We ingest two sources of data, which our algorithm leverages to match products to users: (1) what is our sponsor’s preferences and (2) what are our users’ preferences? For example, in the most simple instance, if your product clinically benefits diabetics, and our user informs us (through the health intake form) that they are diabetic, then that would be a match. We would curate your product to our user in one of their weekly product emails (with copy that you provide), and we also recommend your product in our marketplace when they’re directly shopping for solutions.

We’re Harvard MBAs looking to make shopping for healthcare easier and more affordable.

Our Founder & CEO, Irfan Alam, previously led business strategy at Everlywell, a $3B consumer health pioneer.

He worked on solving this targeting problem for two years, with no avail; the truth was that many people who saw their online advertisements had no clinical need to buy the product (i.e., home thyroid, diabetes, cholesterol tests, etc.), leading to thousands of wasted dollars.

Heading into Harvard for his MBA, he felt like there had to be a better way for healthcare companies to find and acquire consumers, who were eager to take charge of their own health, and for these consumers to monetize their own healthcare data.

You can read more about our journey on the “About” page!

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